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MetaFarms Introduces a New User Interface

As many of you know we are in the process of converting all customers to our new user interface. For those not yet converted, you will receive an email early in the week of your conversion and Friday morning when you log in the new interface will be in place.

Highlights of the new UI are a Favorites tab where you can put the menu items you use most often for easy access. We are also rolling out the new Groups screen called Find A Group, and a new Sow screen, Sow Event Entry. This screen works like the old Sow Individual Event Entry screen but with some added features. If you have any questions about your conversion please contact Customer Support.

Don't forget we have a full Help library!

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Each procedure is complete with screen shots and is also printable.

MetaFarms Terms of Use

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MetaFarms launches Assurance assessment tracking Web-based software module

​MetaFarms announces the launch of Assurance, a new component of our popular Web-based platform designed specifically for livestock production audit and assessment tracking. Read More

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Support Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday CST
Swine Support: 952.215.3233
Poultry Support: 952.641.4689

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Phone: 952.215.3220 | Fax: 877.289.3860
Sales: 952.215.3224 | Email:

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